Road sign saying are you covered
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42% of hire car drivers have driven a hire car without fully understanding exactly what insurance they have and what it covers. This is especially concerning as excess liability, the amount drivers might have to pay if the hire car is damaged or stol...

Car hire insurance costs added up
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The extras sold at car hire rental desks can often double the price of the original quote, but new research has found that it is possible for the car to end up ten times more expensive than the original quote. Hiring a compact car with Budget in Mal...

Female driver reporting an accident involving her hire car
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Data from 2016 shows that approximately one in four people said the car hire insurance claim they put in was due to an incident that wasn’t their fault, and that Saturday 2nd July 2016 was the day our customers were most likely to damage their hire...

Rental desk at the airport
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Families looking to hire a compact family car in Europe this summer should shop around first as prices can vary significantly within the same destination. compared the prices in five holiday destinations for a week's car hire f...

Damaged windscreen
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Saturday 2nd July was the day you were most likely to damage your hire car in 2016. Pulling data from our records for all of 2016 revealed that the 1st April (no, this isn’t a joke) came in second place, followed by 31st March in third. It makes...

Car driving in snow with ski rack
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Car hire companies are lining their deep pockets with a 'winterisation' charge at many European ski destinations this winter. The charge, which includes the price of winter tyres and/or snow chains and can normally only be purchased at the rental de...

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