Step by Step guide:


On the home page, press the SNAPs button.


SNAPs allows you to document all aspects of the hire process. You can take and store photos of the rental vehicle and paperwork. These can all be filed under a specific journey name, and then broken down into before and after the rental period, making it simple to reference at a later date if necessary. All photos can be shared via e-mail and are uploaded to the Cloud for remote access. Press Continue.


You are now on the Journey page. This is where your journeys are stored. Press the plus button in the top right corner to add a new one. All previous trips will be listed here.


The next step is to give your journey a name, such as ‘Holiday in Barcelona’. Add the start and end date of your journey, and the policy number if you prefer. Press Save.


Now add an event to your journey. Your choices are Collection, Drop Of, Document and Incident. Select whichever is appropriate and press Next.


Read through the TOP TIPS on how to take the best photos. You may choose for this to only be shown once. Press Continue.


If you chose Collection, Drop Of or Incident previously you'll be taken to this page. You can now select which part of the vehicle you wish to photograph. Press the appropriate + button and the camera on your phone will be engaged. Selecting Document takes you to a similar page


Once you've finished taking your pictures, press Done. All of the photos for that event can now be viewed in one place.

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