Step by Step guide:


On the Home page, press the Buy button.


Select which cover you require; Car, Van or Car Club, and then whether you want a Daily or Annual Policy. Choose the territory you need cover for and select the dates you want the policy to start and end. Press Get Quote.


The selected policy and headline price are shown at the top of the next page. You can add an optional upgrade to your policy; Vehicle Key Replacement, Personal Accident and Campervan & Motorhome cover. If required, you can view the Policy Summary and Terms & Conditions before continuing. You can now continue to buy or save the quote for later.


On the next page, you will see a summary of your policy. Below this you can choose to opt in or out of e-mail communications and priority renewal. Select the card you wish to pay with, or add a new one. You will need to add a new one when doing this for the first time.


Review the statements and once you're happy with everything, click Agree and Buy Now to complete the purchase.


Your purchase is now complete. You will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail with your policy documents attached.


To view your documents within the App, select Main Menu on the home page and choose Policy Record.


A list of all your policies, both current and expired, can be viewed here.

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