What it covers

Choice to reduce excess to
£100 or £200

£2000 excess protection

Works with any van rental company
anywhere in Europe

Up to 14 days continuous protection

No distance from home restrictions

A low cost flat daily rate - No extra charge for larger vans

Loss of use charges up to £500

Rental fees up to £1000

Vehicle key replacement (Up to £1,000)

Van hire excess insurance FAQ’s

  • removeWhat is van hire excess insurance?
    • Whether you're moving home, picking up a large new item of furniture or renovating your home, renting a van can be really useful. If you're renting a van in the UK or Europe your rental van will include comprehensive insurance as standard. This will include Third Party Liability as well as covering you for theft and damage. However, most van rental companies will include an "excess" limit with your standard insurance which can be very high, particularly when considered against the price of the actual van rental. Typically, the excess limit required by van rental companies is between £500 and £1500, which you will be required to pay before the insurance will pay anything. As many accidents are minor, it is usually the hirer who ends up paying for damage rather than the insurer or the rental company. What's more, with the rental companies' standard insurance you will still be liable to pay the excess even if the insurer settles the remainder of a high value claim.

  • removeExcess insurance
    • With our van hire excess insurance you can choose to reduce the excess requirement to £100 or £200 when you rent a van. Our policies work with any Van Rental Agreement and are a supplement (not a replacement) to the standard insurance that you get with your rental van. In the event of a claim, we will reimburse you to the level of the excess on your standard policy (subject to the insured limit on your iCarhireinsurance policy and the voluntary excess that you choose with us).

  • removeNo distance from home restrictions, and cover to vulnerable parts of the vehicle
    • Our van hire excess insurance covers you wherever you use a van rental in Europe. We place no "distance from home" restrictions on our policies so you are covered if you are renting a van for use at your own home. What's more, we also automatically cover parts of the vehicle that are often excluded from other insurance policies - such as tyres, windscreen, roof and undercarriage.

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