It’s an undeniable fact that we all like showing off how much we know about things and there’s no better way of proving it than a good old fashioned quiz. Whether in the pub, on the television or in newspapers and magazines, the buzz of getting the right answers to questions is irresistible.

So being the generous people we are, we’ve been busy scratching our own heads to create some fun and challenging quizzes just for you.

Have a look below and see which one takes your fancy. Or if you’re feeling particularly smart why not try them all? (And no cheating!)

Valentine's Day icon

Take our quiz and see how you compare to others when getting your car ready for your first date!


Dashboard light icon

Do you think you could spot a real dashboard light from a fake one? Take our quiz and find out.


Prince Harry

Two big events, one big day. But how much do you know about each?


Silver Ford and red Vauxhall Astra

The new 2017 plates have just been released but can you guess which model registered more sales in 2016?


Euro 2016 football win

Have you been paying attention during the Euro Championships so far? See how many players you can match with the country they represent.


Couple watching a movie in the cinema

Before you declare your undying love for that special someone in your life, test your movie, music and TV knowledge with our Valentines themed quiz.


old coin

These countries all have the Euro as their currency these days, but what did they use beforehand? Take our quiz and see if you’re pennywise or penny-wide of the mark!


Budapest landmark

Stunning works of architecture adorn many of the great cities around the world, but can you match them both together?



Will you soar like a rocket or just fizzle out? Find out whether you can tell the real firework from the fictional firework in our sparkling fireworks quiz.


Left brake light of car

You may drive one on a regular basis, but do you know which part of a car is which? Our quiz will separate the petrol heads from the petrol tanks. Good luck!


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