"SLI" is short for Supplemental Liability Insurance, and this is a type of car hire insurance that gives you third party liability cover. That means, if you are involved in an accident with your hire car, you (the driver) are insured against bodily injury and property damage to a third party up to a certain monetary value. SLI is also sometimes known as Additional Liability Insurance, or ALI.

In most parts of the world all rental cars must have some level of third party liability cover which usually is included in your standard car rental agreement. In some countries, however, (e.g. the USA and Canada) the statutory limits for Third Party Liability are quite low, and so SLI can be purchased separately to top up the mandatory limits. iCarhireinsurance.com does not offer third party liability insurance on any of its policies. Customers requiring this type of insurance should check with their rental company to see what is already provided and what additional liability insurances their rental company can offer.

If you are driving a hire car in the USA and/or Canada:

You will usually be offered multiple additional insurances by your rental company when you collect your vehicle. These broadly fall into two categories, the first category deals with losses sustained to the rental company for damage to the vehicle. These are usually referred to as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), and a Deductible (Excess). iCarhireinsurance.com offers a USA and Canada Policy, and a Worldwide Plus policy which are both zero excess, full CDW/LDW policies.

The second category are the third party liability insurances, usually referred to as SLI and ALI. These types of insurances are not offered by iCarhireinsurance.com.

If you are driving a hire car in Europe:

Third party liability insurance and most of the Collision Damage Waiver will usually be included in your car rental agreement but you will still be liable for high excess costs in the event of a claim, and some parts of a car will not be covered at all.

At iCarhireinsurance, our Excess Europe* and Excess Worldwide* policies raise your level of cover (to include the roof, undercarriage, windows and tyres) and further reduce your excess liability. The cover is also cheaper and more comprehensive than excess policies offered at car rental counters.

If you are driving a hire car in other Worldwide territories:

SLI may be included in standard car rental agreements or it may have to be purchased separately. You are still likely to be liable for excess costs in the event of a claim and some parts of a car may not be covered at all..

At iCarhireinsurance, our Worldwide Plus policy gives you full CDW/LDW and Excess cover for all Worldwide territories* including the USA and Canada and Europe*. The cover is also cheaper and more comprehensive than the full CDW/LDW and Excess cover ofered at car rental counters.

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