The Times, on 1 June 2013, featured exclusive research which showed that a family hiring a standard car in Malaga for a week in June could have over an additional £356 at the rental desk when picking their car up, when the original hire charge was just £173.

It warned its readers to beware of "useless insurance to outrageous charges for 'extras'".

Buying excess car hire insurance, extra driver's cover, a child's seat and a sat nav from the rental desk will push the overall cost up by 100 per cent it noted.

For example, a holiday-maker going to Faro this June could be paying up to £16 a day for an excess policy bought from the rental desk, according to our research, compared with an policy from £2.99 a day - this is over five times cheaper.

The paper also warned that the excess car hire insurance cover bought from the rental desk is not as comprehensive as an policy. A policy from us covers, as standard, vulnerable parts of the vehicle, including windows, tyres, windscreen and the undercarriage, which the rental companies' policies usually exclude.

Always take our advice and buy your excess car hire insurance, before you fly!

Disclaimer: All prices contained in this article were correct on the original date of publication. Prices may change over time, so for current prices, please get a quote.