Car Club members can save £140* on the excess insurance from

Drivers wanting to spring clean their finances can save a small fortune by signing up to a car club, and even more by purchasing car club insurance from

The growth of car clubs means it's now possible to hire a car from a company like Zipcar of City Car, and pick it up from thousands of convenient locations, for an hour, day or weekend for around £45-£50** a day, a fraction of the cost of owning a car, estimated to be an average £5,500 a year.**

However if the car is damaged, even if it is not your fault, the excess amount is often around £750, and even more for high risk members, making a big dent into those savings.

Excess cover can be bought directly from car clubs but they generally charge around £14.95 a month, and £179.40 a year, an expensive option saving savvy car club members. Also, the excess cover often has some exclusions including damage to the windows and tyres and is not available to some higher risk drivers.

Customers can save a fortune by purchasing car club excess insurance from for only £39.99 a year, a saving of £140. The excess cover is available to all drivers aged between 21 and 85, and covers damage to all parts of the car. is the only company to provide excess insurance tailored to car club users.

Drivers that tend to hire cars as well as use car clubs can save even more by combining UK Car Club protection with Annual Europe car hire excess insurance for only £59.98, saving a further £20***.

Ernesto Suarez, Founder and CEO of said, "Car clubs are a great idea for drivers wanting to spring clean their finances as they can save a lot of money, but many don't realise they are liable for the excess if the car is damaged, even if it's not their fault. We want to encourage people to use car clubs. Our unique excess policy tailored to car club users will save members £140 on their excess cover and provide complete peace of mind."

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*Annual policy from Zipcar is £179.90 minus iCarhireinsurance policy of £39.99 equals saving of £140.


***The price of £59.98 is the addition of our Annual Excess Europe Policy (£39.99) with the Car Club Excess Protection Upgrade (£19.99). All taxes included.

Disclaimer: All prices contained in this article were correct on the original date of publication. Prices may change over time, so for current prices, please get a quote.