Although holiday season is now over, that’s not to say that your fond memories on the beach in Barcelona will be forgotten too, thanks to the many souvenirs you would have likely bought on your travels. Whether you’re shopping last minute at the airport for a friend or roaming through the markets in search of a meaningful memento for yourself, such gifts don’t need to be expensive or extravagant. In fact, some of the best gifts we believe, are the simple ones. Here is a list of our favourite basic holiday souvenirs and why we love them.



Sold at just about every tourist shop to exist, and coming in countless shapes and sizes, the choice is endless. It doesn’t help that they’re so cheap. You probably only need 1 for yourself (unless you really want 5 keyrings with the Eiffel Tower on it) But seeing “3 for €1!” can ignite a certain excitement in the average tourist. And most of us can’t resist a bargain on holiday. But, there’s plenty of loved ones back home in need of a fun keyring so we say, money well spent!

Fridge magnets


Is there much reason to go on holiday if you’re not going to document your life travels on your kitchen fridge? Adding to your fridge magnet collection has almost become a tradition for most. Being able to proudly display all of the wonderful places you have visited and reflect on them as you open your fridge every morning is a great way to start each day. Not to mention a definite motivator to continue travelling to fill up that empty area of the fridge.

Novelty T-Shirt


Nothing screams to the world that you’ve just been on holiday than an oversized T-shirt which reads something along the lines of “I heart NY” with a photo of the Statue of Liberty stamped on it. It’s unlikely you will wear it in public once you arrive home considering you are no longer the young fearless individual you once were whilst on holiday, but that’s okay. Soon enough it will become part of your night time wardrobe collection and you can never have enough T-shirts for bed.

Bottle openers/ Shot glasses


Drink beer? Get a bottle opener. Don’t drink beer? Get some shot glasses! A small yet meaningful reminder of your holiday which is both practical and fun. Next time you’re opening that bottle of Corona in your backyard, you can be reminded of your simpler days back on the beaches in Mexico. A truly nice little memento to bring back home with you, which can be used again and again for years to come!

Local cuisine


From taking a slice of France in the form of Gorgonzola to buying 4 boxes of Belgium’s finest chocolate, what better way to bring home a taste of the country than literally bringing home its local cuisine? Unfortunately, a perishable souvenir, meaning that within a week of arriving home, there’ll probably be no evidence suggesting you ever went on holiday. Because sadly, we can’t hold on to that authentic Dutch apple pie forever! Nevertheless, bringing home some local foods are a great way to allow your friends and family to share in the experience of your holiday.

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Disclaimer: All prices contained in this article were correct on the original date of publication. Prices may change over time, so for current prices, please get a quote.