Planning to hire a car in 2024? We picked our favourite destinations for car hire in Europe for an unforgettable driving experience. Will you be visiting one of these destinations? Let us know on Facebook and X!

1.Cyprus – Larnaca

Located in Cyprus, Larnaca is a great place to hire a car. Filled with sandy beaches, medieval castles, and beautiful lakes. Larnaca is one of the most modern cities in Cyprus. Go to visit Salt Lake which is home to flamingos in the winter. We recommend you take a drive along the coast to Paphos to see the old town and archaeological sites. Cyprus is also home to the Troodos mountains located in the center of the island.

2.Corfu, Greece

The Greek Island of Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands, perfect for a romantic road trip with your partner. Filled with beautiful green hills, spectacular sandy beaches, and whitewashed houses, you won’t get bored of the endless opportunity for exploration. You’ll also be able to witness the magnificent sunsets that take place across the Greek island. Not to mention the scenic route that takes place through Mount Pantokrator filled with panoramic views. Exploring the island by car gives you the chance to spot hidden gems throughout the island that aren’t so full of tourists.

3.Malaga, Spain

Malaga, located in the south of Spain, is home to 16 beaches and is a great destination to hire a car. Whether it’s taking a long road trip down the Costa Del Sol, or taking in the breathtaking landscapes at the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, you won’t be short of scenic views. There are also plenty of activities to do in Malaga. Feeling adventurous? You can even venture out for a day trip to visit the Rock of Gibraltar. We highly recommend Malaga as a destination to hire a car in 2024.

4.Faro, Portugal

Faro, located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal is a top choice to explore via car. From the cobbled streets to the historic Faro Cathedral, there is plenty to do in this coastal city. By hiring a car, you have the freedom to explore the Algarve region from beautiful sandy beaches to scenic landscapes beyond the city limits. Furthermore, you can take day trips to Lagos, Sagres, or Tavira which are all within driving distance from Faro.

5.Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, located in southern Croatia, is well known for its crystal-clear waters and incredible stone walls which were built in the 16th century. For breathtaking views, take the scenic route across Mount Srd which provides panoramic views of the city of Dubrovnik. You can even take a ferry to surrounding areas such as Lokrum island which is home to the botanical island and a beautiful, secluded beach. Dubrovnik has gained popularity in the last couple of years and that’s why we’ve put it as one of our top destinations for 2024.

6.Dalaman, Turkey

Yes, it’s another destination located in the south of a country. (it’s not on purpose) Dalaman, located on the south-western coast of Turkey is well known for its excellent local cuisine, mud spas, and beautiful beaches. With so many places to visit via car, we’ve picked a few of our favourite activities to do whilst staying in Dalaman. You can take a trip to Turtle Beach (Iztuzu Beach) well known for its loggerhead turtles. We also recommend taking a trip to Daylan, known for its ancient rock tombs and mud baths.

7.Barcelona, Spain

As expected, Barcelona has made it to the list. Located in northern Spain, Barcelona is home to some truly spectacular art and architecture. Only a short flight from the UK, it’s worth taking a trip to Barcelona, especially if you want to explore via car. We recommend taking a road trip across the Costa Brava, which is filled with charming coastal towns such as Tossa de Mar and Begur. These little coastal towns are filled with beautiful beaches and historic sites worth seeing. You can also park up for the day and take a trip into the city center via the metro and see what the wonderful city of Barcelona has to offer.

8.Sicily, Italy

Sicily is home to history, including the Valley of Temples, and Mount Etna which is one of Europe’s highest active volcanoes. To get there, you can take a flight to Palmero airport. You can also take a flight to Naples/Rome and get a ferry if no direct flights are offered to Sicily. You can visit Taormina and Catania via car once arriving on the beautiful island. We recommend visiting Sicily in 2024 because of its wonderful sights and its mix of history and beautiful landscapes.

9.Nice, France

Nice, located in the south of France (the last southern destination, we promise) and is home to some wonderful art, culture, and stunning views that we recommend visiting. You can take a trip down the French Riviera by car, and explore Castle Hill for some incredible views. Take time to enjoy the wonderful French cuisine at seaside restaurants and explore beautiful Mediterranean beaches.


The last destination we recommend is Malta (slightly biased as I’m going there in May), located between Sicily and the North African coast. It is well-known for its historic sites and its beautiful beaches. There is plenty to do in Malta, you can visit the smaller island of Comino via ferry which is well known for its beautiful bay and a paradise for snorkelers, divers, and windsurfers. You can also explore Valletta which is the historic capital which is full of charming streets, museums, and the historic St. John’s Co-Cathedral.

There we go! That’s our top 10 destinations for car hire in 2024. Will you be hiring a car in one of these incredible destinations? Don’t forget the excess fees at the rental desk can be high, so be sure to remember to have your car hire excess insurance policy from iCarhireinsurance to hand whichever destination you visit. Don’t let car hire excess ruin your trip!

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