Everyone has some kind of phobia, whether they choose to admit it or not. Some are more common and soically recognised like arachnophobia (fear of spiders), or the fear of heights (acrophobia). But other phobias that have been uncovered are a little more, well, niche! Take a look at some of the phobias below and travel destinations to avoid if you happen to suffer from them.


Seattle would intimidate anyone with aichmophobia, the fear of sharp objects. With the Seattle Space Needle being perhaps the most iconic attraction for visiting tourists, aichmophobes would be more likely to break out in a sweat than a smile at the sight of it!


Anyone who is familiar with Hong Kong will know that it is situated among steep hills and sloping valleys. Because of this the locals came up with an ingenious solution for negotiating this difficult terrain: build the world's longest series of outdoor escalators. This epic arrangement of electrically-powered walkways rises a massive 443 feet during a 20 minute-or-so ride. But what's impressive and convenient for most is terrifying for those few with escalaphobia; the fear of escalators.


Infamous for its towering high-speed roller-coasters, it is probably not the first choice destination for those who suffer from tachophobia (fear of high speeds). However, Space Mountain could also bring sufferers of marcophobia (the fear of long waits) to their knees, as the long waits and hefty queues will induce terror well before they step foot on the ride.


Athens is enriched with history and famous for it collection of ancient buildings and ruins. With this in mind, Athens is then not the best travel destination for someone who suffers from atephobia (the fear of old buildings and ruins), well, unless you have masochistic tendencies that is.


Playing host to the longest service-free highway in the world, the Dalton Highway, Alaska should be avoided by those who suffer from hodophobia (the fear of road travel). In fact, at a whopping 244 miles in length this stretch of tarmac is a daunting thought for even the most avid of drivers.

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