As we endure tougher winters, longer commutes and cutbacks in council funding it's no surprise that the conditions of our roads are worsening. Over the past few years potholes have been launching full scale attacks on our vehicles' wheels, shock absorbers and tracking and now it seems the war has been taken to our windscreens!

According to a recent AA poll, of 21,000 of its members, almost 50% claimed to have suffered a cracked or chipped windscreen within the last 2 years. This huge figure has been universally blamed on the decline in road surface standards across the region and is an opinion which has been echoed throughout the UK.

...None more so than the AA's President, Edmund King, who experienced the pothole uprising first hand when the front left spring of his Mercedes snapped due to wear and tear caused by poor roads. What made the pill more bitter to swallow was that a few hours before the incident he was arguing for local councils to receive a £10.5bn injection in order to bring our roads up to standard! Ouch.

If you are a regular rental car user and are worried about the potential onslaught potholes could launch against your credit card's balance, fear not!

iCarhireinsurance Car Rental Excess Protection covers vulnerable areas such as windows, windscreens, tyres, wheels and undercarriages. Moreover, as you can now fully submit any claim via our straightforward Online Claims Portal you can bypass the often pothole-riddled terrain that is call centre claims handling.

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