Part 2 – 10 through 1

The countdown of the UKs 20 most expensive personalized number plates is continued below!

10 – “1 O” - £210,242

How very appropriate that this number plate should find itself in position ten! This plate was the first in the ‘O’ series to be released and is arguably the most sought after. This was sold at a DVLA auction in Northamptonshire for a cool £210,242.

9 – “K1 NGS” - £231,000

It is argued that the sale of this plate sparked an explosion in personal number plate popularity in the early 90s. Thought to have been bought by an Arab Sultan (although never confirmed), this plate sold for £231,000 – a truly royal sum!

8 – “1 RH” - £247,000

As we climb the countdown chart, less seems to attract more! The DVLA put a reserve on this plate of around £8,200 at auction in South Yorkshire only to see businessman Robert Harverson pay in excess of 30 times that amount! Clearly the saying “there’s only 1 RH” has never rang more true with him than this one off number plate!

7 – “51 NGH” - £254,000

The older brother of “MR51 NGH”. Unbelievably, this plate sold for more than the more closely associated “S1 NGH” did – two and a half times more to be exact! This plate was bought in the UK by a Sikh and to this day remains the most expensive Asian number plate to be sold in Britain.

6 – “GS 1” - £258,775

This plate was sold in Perth, Scotland and again sold for well over its estimated reserve price. It was auctioned off in 2005 and was originally registered in January 1928 by the very town that it was sold from.

5 – “VIP 1” - £285,000

This plate has had an array of famous owners! Previously it could be found on Pope John Paul II’s ‘Pope mobile’ – now it is owned by one Roman Abramovich, the very wealthy Russian tycoon who currently owns Chelsea Football Club. With his wealth exceeding $10.2 Billion, I feel sorry for anyone who was trying to bid against him for this iconic plate.

4 – “M 1” - £331,500

Bought by Mike McCoomb in 2006 as a present for his son. Mr McCoomb made his fortune when he sold is mobile phone business to BT for around the £40 million.

3 – “1 D” - £352,411

This plate holds the record for the highest reserve price at auction - £20,000! It was sold in 2009 to a Lebanese property developer who is reported to have bought it for his wife as a birthday present and is single handedly responsible for making the rest of the male population look cheap!

2 – “S 1” - £404,063

This was Edinburgh’s first ever number plate and was once owned the Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland in 1903. The winning bidder, who wished to stay anonymous, boasted that this history-shrouded plate would take pride of place on an old red Skoda!...Words escape me.

1 - “F 1” - £440,000

AND FINALLY – At number one we have the ultimate car enthusiast number plate! This number plate famously belongs to a much loved Mercedes-Benz McLaren which is still one of the most prestigious performance cars ever built. Astoundingly, you could buy one and a half McLaren’s for the price paid for the plate, although admittedly the number plate will cost less to fuel…and maintain…and insure. Then again, if you have £440,000 to spend on a number plate you probably don’t have to care about maintenance costs!

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“G100VER” = £5950

“PUT IIN” = £4950

“GOB 3Y” = £1999

“LUS 5T” = £4495

Disclaimer: All prices contained in this article were correct on the original date of publication. Prices may change over time, so for current prices, please get a quote.