A new survey has revealed the top ten ways that parents survive long car journeys with their children. Among the most popular is playing classic car games such as iSpy (48%), followed by being forced to listen to their child/ren’s favourite song on repeat (32%).

The survey carried out by Opinium, and commissioned by iCarhireinsurance.com, a leading provider of stand-alone car hire excess insurance, asked parents that had hired a car about the top techniques they use to survive long (more than 2 hours) car journeys:

  1. “I spy with my little eye….”

    : Nearly half (48%) of parents said that they used classic car games, like iSpy and 20 Questions, to keep their children entertained.

  2. “Can we listen to it again, and again, and again?”

    : Nearly a third (32%) have endured listening to their child/ren’s favourite song on repeat.

  3. “More sweets?”

    : One in four (24%) parents admitted to bribing their children with sweets and treats in return for good behaviour.

  4. “I stayed awake until 10pm!”

    : Nearly a quarter (23%) admitted to allowing their children to stay awake in the car later than their usual bed time.

  5. “Look at the state of this car!

    : Almost a quarter (23%) said that they are more relaxed about the mess their children make in the car on long car journeys

  6. “First person to see the Golden Arches”

    : One in five (21%) have promised their children a visit to a fast food outlet as a reward for good behaviour.

  7. “Can I use the iPad?”

    : One in five (20%) admitted that they allowed electronic devices to be used for longer than they would normally allow at home.

  8. “Don’t forget your headphones”

    : To promote a peaceful ride: one in five (18%) provide headphones for electronic devices so they don’t have to listen to the game, YouTube video or film.

  9. “Get the beer and wine on ice!”

    : 11% of parents have survived a long car journey by simply envisioning their first pint or glass of wine on arrival.

  10. “I think we have another ‘H’ ‘O’ ‘U’ ‘R’ to go”

    : 10% have spoken in code about distance to destination and possible rest stops so children don’t pick up on the conversation.

I’ve done my fair share of long car journeys with my children and it can be tough. It is reassuring to know that it isn’t just me that resorts to breaking the usual rules a little just to survive! said Ernesto Suarez, CEO and founder of iCarhireinsurance.com.

Ernesto continues, One thing you don’t want to be worrying about when hiring a car with kids, is the amount you are going to have to pay if it is damaged or stolen, which can be up to £2,000 even if it’s not your fault. Make sure you buy excess insurance from a standalone provider like iCarhireinsurance.com before you drive your hire car, to not only save you more than 60% on the price of the cover offered by the rental desk, but to give you total peace of mind, even when the kids are driving you mad!

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