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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:20

Holiday money: how you make it go further

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Holiday Money

With it being over a year since Brexit and the affect this has had on the value of sterling against the Euro (at time of writing it was down 11% since this time last year), we wanted to find out the different methods you use to save money when abroad.

We put out a survey to our customer base and you came back with some great examples. Here are the top 10 ways you make your money go further:

  1. Put the heavy stuff in your hand luggage – 23% of you said you’ve put heavy items in your hand luggage instead of a checked-in bag to avoid excess charges.
  2. Pack a packed lunch – Nearly a third of you (32%) have avoided buying the airline food and taken your own on-board. No surprise considering Easyjet charge £4.40 for a sandwich and £2 for a bottle of water. If you’ve a family of four to feed, you could be seriously out of pocket before you’ve even landed.
  3. Don’t pack it, wear it! – Again, to avoid any excess baggage charges, 15% of you told us you’ve worn extra clothes on the flight instead of packing them.
  4. Travel during term time – A sometimes controversial topic, however more than one in eight of you (13%) have taken the kids out of school during term time to ensure the holiday is cheaper.
  5. Use the breakfast buffet for lunch – 33% of you have improvised and taken a ham butty from the breakfast buffet and had it for your lunch.
  6. Lie about your child’s age – One in 10 of you said your child/children are younger than they actually are in order to get cheaper entry to an attraction.
  7. A few warm up drinks in the hotel – To save money when going out in the evening, 30% of you have drunk alcohol in the room before heading out.
  8. Stock up at the local supermarket - Instead of buying ice-cream and bottled water at the more expensive, touristy shops and kiosks, almost half (47%) of you have stocked up at the local supermarket to save money.
  9. Go self-catering – 28% of you book accommodation with a kitchen so you can make your own food and avoid eating out.
  10. Help yourself to hotel freebies – 48% of you have taken soap, shampoo and conditioner from the hotel room as a freebie.

Other ideas put forward include lying about it being a special occasion (7% of respondents), and making a false complaint to get a discount or upgrade (2%).

In conclusion, holidays are becoming increasingly expensive due to the falling value of the pound, so it’s no wonder holidaymakers are thinking on their toes and saving money wherever they can.

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