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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 16:29

Hey STREETCAR! What about the excess?

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As you are probably aware, living in the UK particularly in London is not getting any cheaper.  The costs of owning and operating a car in the UK have recently increased significantly.  Petrol costs have increased by 48% in the last two years and car insurance costs by 33% in the last year alone (Source: the AA).  Everything related to motoring is going up!

While Car Clubs like Streetcar can insulate you from the worst of car ownership costs, these types of costs are a significant part of providing their service and therefore you will only see their rates go up, as a recent email to Streetcar members shows (Source Streetcar members email 02/02/2011).


In the email to its Car Club members, Streetcar announced some changes to look forward to from 1 March 2011.  They announced all the nice things you want to know about car models, money saving late night offers for hiring one of their cars between the hours of 9pm-6am and their all important usage rates.    

But what about Streetcar excess insurance?  They never seem to talk about this.  Hidden behind their member login online facility, is where we uncover the truth!  As you are about to reserve and book your car, you have an option to reduce your standard vehicle excess. Streetcar refer to this as “Damage Excess” and in the event of an accident, you are responsible the first £750 of damage.  That is a fairly large exposure to have if you happen to use the car club vehicle for a couple of hours. To reduce your car club excess from £750 to £0 when you are booking your vehicle, they charge £14.50 per 24 hours. 

If you consider yourself a frequent user and use Streetcar every month, you could go for the monthly option and pay £14.95 monthly, but that equates to £179.40 a year!  Who would pay that much for Car Club Excess Insurance? (Source: Streetcar)

So my next question is: have you seen what we charge for £0 excess on an annual basis?  Our Car Club Excess Insurance policies are of tremendous value and we even cover damage to windscreens, tyres, roof and undercarriage.  At just £39.99 for a whole year’s cover Streetcar members can get protected year round for less than Streetcar would charge for 3 day’s cover. If Car Club members also rent traditional hire cars, then our Car Club Plus policies offer even greater savings as they offer the opportunity of combining car club excess insurance with carhire excess insurance at a further discounted rate


Check out our three Car Club Excess policies online which are suitable for Car Club Members?

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