It sounds like a line from a dodgy “B-movie”, especially when you consider that the skyscraper has a name but believe it or not this is the accusation that’s being levelled at the new skyscraper on 20 Fenchurch Street in London according to a report on Yahoo News.

The building has already been nick-named the “walkie-talkie” due to its distinctive shape which sees it gently curving towards its front face as it rises, giving the impression that the building is leaning over towards the street below. However, it now seems that this shape may be the reason for the bizarre claim made by several motorists: “Help - the skyscraper melted my car!”

Apparently, cars that have been parked beneath the building in allocated on-street parking bays have reported damage to paintwork on particularly hot and sunny days. Also some items which have been left in those parked cars have become distorted, such as drinks bottles.

It has been suggested that the shape of the building is focussing the sun’s rays onto the street below, leading to yet another nick-name of the “walkie-scorchie”. Passers-by have been forced to shield their eyes from the intense sunlight being reflected off the 37-story glass building and have likened it to “frying ants with a magnifying glass”.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the UKs capital it may be worth looking up as you park to ensure the building next to you is lurking with malicious intent. Hire car users should remember that most rental desks exclude the roof from their excess damage waivers, even if you’ve bought their additional insurance so the line “it wasn’t me, it was a skyscraper” may still end up costing you money when return the car. Alternatively, if you have an excess insurance policy you can park next to the most menacing of man-made structures safe in the knowledge that if a skyscraper melts your roof, you’ve got it covered.

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