As we have come to expect from Google, they have once again updated their Google Map application in an attempt to 'enhance' our user experience and make the journey from A to B that little bit slicker.

The new version boasts a host of new features including pop-up information cards which allow you to save location search queries and compare modes of transport on a more detailed user friendly interface.

So far so good!

Google then go on to say that the new version has new algorithms which compile everything which Google already knows about you i.e. website history and preferences, interests and hobbies and your social circles, all of which it collects from web search history and your email inbox. Using this data, Google then displays on Map what it believes will be of most relevance/interest to you in terms of amenities and attractions (in a similar way to Google Search) to give each user a more focused and personalised experience.

Therefore, thanks to Google, you'll be able to find place that serve food familiar to your pallet, sights and places similar to things you've previously seen and you'll be able to get there via fastest possible route...

...Whatever happened to the Great Unknown??!

Yes, thanks to Google's ever growing all-seeing eye, more often than not we find exactly what we're looking for without ever being aware we were searching for anything in the first place! Perhaps, being the habitual creatures we are, the fact that we find ourselves more often saying 'a little more of the same, please' rather than 'let's try something completely different' shouldn't be surprising. However, are we becoming increasingly susceptible to being led by the very people who stand to gain from this habitual behaviour?

Historically holidays have been about exploring new territories, immersing ourselves in different cultures and indulging in and sharing otherwise atypical experiences. By removing the elements of disorder which comes with not knowing the area and what you're going to fin we are in danger of limiting out opportunities to involve ourselves in our surroundings. From asking the locals for hot spot recommendations, to navigating the city streets using the age-old art of 'Eeny Meeny Miny Moe' are just a few of the novelties which could be lost if we continue to bury our heads in our smart phones.

We at iCarhireinsurance believe in insuring against the unknown when it comes to car hire excess charges as no one wants to be stung by fees that they could have been protected against. However when it comes to maximising your holiday enjoyment, maybe a little of the unknown can be a good thing!

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