The territorial makeup of our globe has certainly changed dramatically over the years! A host of influences including war, territorial treaties and natural disasters have contributed to our ever-changing global blueprint and there are constant reminders that the current lay of the land may not be permanently set in stone either!

In more recent years we have witnessed the dissolution of the USSR, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the creation of several new independent states which have again re-shaped our global map. And with the pending Scottish independence referendum taking place in September 2014 who knows what further changes we can expect to see in our lifetime.

Take a look at the video below to see just how much the European landscape has changed over the last 1000 years:

The European landscape may have been subject to fluctuation over the years, however the price for iCarhireinsurance’s European car hire insurance policy is something that has remained constant! At £39.99, our annual policy is the same price as it was when we first launched in 2009 and we have no plans to increase this price in the immediate future!

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