It is estimated that around 2.6 million Brits will hire a car abroad in 2015. If they all bought their excess insurance from at £2.99 a day, instead of the rental desks at £17 a day (on average), they could save almost a £100 a week.

This 'saved' money could have fuelled the economies of Europe rather than lined the pockets of the rental companies. If each person that hires a car in 2015, does so for a week, this represents a saving of £260 million/€327 million*. This could buy…

  • 163,500 Gucci suitcases (at €2000 each)
  • 22 million tapas meals in Spain (at €15 each)
  • 47 million margherita pizzas in Italy (at €7 each)
  • or 33 million bottles of Ouzo (at €10 a bottle)

Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO of said: Let's make 2015 the year hire car drivers save hundreds of pounds by not wasting money on rental desk excess insurance. Always buy car hire excess insurance before you fly!

  • Approx £2.6 million will hire a car abroad in 2015 - Mintel Holiday Car Hire report (2012).
  • £100 a week – (£17 -£2.99) x 7 = £98.07
  • £17 a day – research
  • £260 million – 2.6 million people x £100.
  • €327 million - currency convertor -
Disclaimer: All prices contained in this article were correct on the original date of publication. Prices may change over time, so for current prices, please get a quote.