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Thursday, 31 October 2013 21:11

Britain’s Most Haunted Roads – The Top 10!

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Today is Halloween - the date in the calendar which is now more synonymous with sugary treats than scary encounters. Halloween is now considered by most as being a time for costumes, candy apples and guising rather than a celebration of the departed, however it provides the perfect back-drop to look at the most haunted roads in the UK as reported by the British public in a survey conducted back in 2006 by Tarmac.

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Number 10 – Drew’s Lane, Birmingham
This road has a Bermuda Triangle quality about it – it’s been reported that hundreds of vehicles in recent history have ‘toppled over with no reason or rhyme’.  Many motorists and locals have given similar accounts of cars overturning without any other vehicles or intervening factors being present, resulting in theories of a supernatural nature coming to the forefront. 
Number 9 – B1403, Doncaster
Yorkshire is no stranger to a horror story or two and Doncaster seems to be no exception. A number of people have given an account of seeing a figure of a solitary soldier in full uniform marching along the road edge of the B1403 before disappearing into the beams of their headlights. 
Number 8 – A9, Highlands
A Victorian man riding horseback has been sighted on a few occasions near Dornoch on the A9 in the Highlands. The rider has been reported to be in ‘clear’ sight before disappearing and reappearing further down the road….spooky!
Number 7 – B3314, Cornwall
Another Victorian sighting, this time in the West Country! Mystified holiday-goers have been forced to pull over when a Victorian woman strays into the middle of the road before stopping to look at the oncoming traffic. Passers-by claim that they pulled over to get a closer look of the woman only to get a vacant stare before she disappears. 
Number 6 – B4293, Devauden
A phenomenon of the spiritual kind occurred when a lady driving was driving home one evening through the weaving and heavily wooded B4293 in Wales. Whilst driving the lady suddenly heard a soft voice whispering to her advising that she stop and pull over. Mystified by what she has heard the lady obeyed and pulled over onto a verge to assess what she had heard. In that instance whilst stationary, a car raced round the corner in front of her without headlights and on the wrong side of the road. The woman is adamant that if it weren’t for the forewarning she received she would have been involved in an incident with the other vehicle.
Number 5 – Gloucester Road, London
This happening is apparently well known to the local community whereby laughing children can be heard late at night accompanied by ghostly knocks at the front door. Quite frankly I think we can accredit this anomaly to a troop of minors who have perfected the art of chap door runaway!
Number 4 – High Street and Suffield Road, Great Yarmouth
Sherlock Holmes may be needed to solve this one. On both of the roads above in Great Yarmouth a dog-like creature with disproportionately long legs has been spotted roaming the streets before disappearing into the night air. The only explanations to hand are that Baskerville’s hound has returned or someone’s Irish Greyhound has jumped the garden fence!
Number 3 – Platt Lane, Westhoughton
A road laden with a disastrous past continues to unsettle local road users. This road in Greater Manchester passes close to the site of the Pretoria Pit disaster where many hundreds of minors lost their lives back in 1910. Many drivers have reported seeing sets of eyes peering out of roadside shrubbery, minors walking pickaxe in hand and even coal wagons passing by as they drive along this stretch of road. An eerie mist often falls upon this unnerving section of asphalt adding to many of the locals already festering anxieties. 
Number 2 –A9, Highlands (again)
At number 2 we have another Victorian scene which has been sighted near Loch Bhuie in the Highlands. Many travellers passing through have reported sightings of an ornate Victorian coach being drawn by ghostly white horses whilst being ushered by accompanying Victorian gentlemen. As if the winding roads and dizzying heights weren’t enough to put drivers on edge in this part of the world!
Number 1 –The M6 (66)
Perhaps fittingly it’s the UK’s longest stretch of motorway which tops the most haunted list. Alleged sightings include a ghostly woman attempting to hitchhike and a phantom lorry driving along on the wrong side of the motorway. The M6 toll station has even attracted some unsettled spirits in the form of Roman soldiers marching along the carriageway in formation! 
So make sure if you’re driving along the M6 this winter to have your Proton Packs at the ready and keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected!


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