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Wednesday, 13 November 2013 13:11

BREAKFAST - The best fuel for increasing your driving performance!

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Breakfast; the most important meal of the day! And one which is of the upmost importance if you are travelling long distances in unfamiliar territory. With 20% of accidents being fatigue-related, not eating enough or not eating the right types of food before setting off in your hire vehicle can seriously affect things like reaction time and perceptual awareness. 

Understanding how your body treats different food groups can go a long way to ensuring you correctly fuel yourself for the journey ahead and help fight against hunger and everything that comes with it.

Protein or Carbs?

Simply put, both can be beneficial! Carbs come in the form of wheat, potatoes and rice and are often referred to by nutritionists as ‘calming foods’ because of the way they help to produce serotonin (aka the ‘happy’ chemical in our brains). Therefore cereal, rice porridge and whole wheat bread can help to keep you relaxed at the wheel for extended periods of time.

In contrast, protein-rich produce such as milk, meat and nuts help to produce dopamine which acts as a stimulus for the brain, often helping to heighten concentration rates and alertness. Therefore, you can’t go far wrong with an old-fashioned fry up or bowl of Muesli if you find your concentration levels wean when driving abroad.


We have all at some point or another experienced a ‘sugar crash’ and experiencing one whilst on the road can seriously affect your primary and auxiliary senses! Whilst high-sugar foods such as chocolate and fizzy drinks can provide a much needed boost mid-journey, the subsequent ‘sugar crash’ many experience afterwards can deprive your brain of its primary source of energy resulting in loss of concentration. Eating carbs with a low GI (Glycaemic index) such as brown bread, wholemeal pasta and brown rice are better than their white counterparts as the sugar from these low GI foods is released more steadily, therefore your body benefits from having an extended energy reserve. 

“That’s easier said than done when in an unfamiliar country…..”

It’s true that when abroad it’s often difficult to find your normal everyday breakfast favourites on the menu. However this doesn’t mean that you’re resigned to eating bread and butter or natural yoghurt for the duration of your holiday (although there’s nothing wrong with either!) Take a look at the types of healthy breakfasts the locals of these holiday hotspots enjoy as part of their morning routine!

Miss-fuelling your body isn’t the only headache you can face when driving abroad!

Miss-fuelling your hire vehicle can be the cause of a lot of stress due to the inconvenience and cost involved in repairing the damage. However, by taking out an policy before you travel you can claim for reimbursement on charges relating to miss-fuelling, towing and breakdown as well as for charges relating to damage, fire and theft of the rental vehicle. With European car hire insurance policies starting from just £2.99 a day, why risk having to fork out for car hire excess charges when they can be covered against?! 

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