Transport Secretary Partick McLoughlin will announce in a speech to members of the Campaign to Protect Rural England today (13th November 2012) that confusing road signs which clutter the British countryside and point out the obvious on the roads will be banned under new laws.

He is due to say;

"Too many country roads carry a reminder of how insensitive planners can be to the aesthetics of transport design with the ugly and unnecessary signage that clutters up the network,"

"New signs are added without any aparent consideration of the existing ones or what's needed."

"And then there are those 'temporary'yellow signs saying 'new road layout ahead' that are left to rot for years."

Whilst driving around the U.K, it's almost impossible not to see a pointless or amusing sign at some point and at we recently blogged on this subject and came up with a list of our all-time favourites, to see them in all their glory, click here.

Of course, the speech is being made to the Campaign for Rural England and serves to remind us that this time of year there's certainly a lot to be said for the autumnal beauty of the English countryside, so why not get out in a hire car, of if you're a member of a car club take one out of town and see what the countryside has to offer. Remember, with our European and Worldwide car hire excess insurances policies also offer cover in the UK.

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