Except for oil producing nations, all countries buy their petroleum at the same rate on the international market. Yet the differing taxation policies of each country have created a huge disparity in global petrol prices. British motorists are among the most heavily taxed in the world, stumping up around 60% of the cost of a litre of fuel in duty to the Chancellor.

Want to know how much more you're paying for fuel than your global neighbours? Below you will find an interactive map that will help you discover the difference in petrol price and taxation around the world.

The countries coloured red have the most expensive petrol prices, the countries in green have the cheapest, while the amber coloured countries have petrol prices somewhere in the middle. Click or hover over a country on the map and a petrol pump and speedo will appear, providing you with further information. The key below will help you to make sense of the petrol price and taxation data presented.

Worldwide Petrol Prices
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