Is your firework knowledge more giant rocket or damp sparkler?

Where do most fireworks come from? How fast do they travel? How much do we spend on them? If you’ve ever wondered what the answer to these and other firework-related questions are, then fear not. We’ve done all the hard work and put them together in a very colourful infographic just for you.

Firework Facts

There’s nothing quite like wrapping up warmly and braving the cold to watch the night sky lit up with all the colours of the rainbow. Ever since Guy Fawkes was foiled trying to blow up parliament all those centuries ago, we have celebrated the event by sending rockets into the air and waving sparklers in our hands.

As we approach Bonfire Night we have created an infographic of firework facts, which you’ll find below. You can then show off all your amazing knowledge to friends and family.

Firework Facts
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