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Disable Badge

Blue Badge Parking in Europe

iCarhireinsurance have created local langauge print outs to give disabled drivers added confidence when using their Blue Badge Parking Permit in Europe.

Simply click on the icon within the country you'll be visiting to download a translated print-out that you can display next to your parking card to alert local authorities to your parking needs.

Disabled driving in Europe - local language print-outs

Driving in Europe can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but negotiating the local parking laws and finding an accessible space when you're a disabled driver or have a disabled passenger can create additional confusion. Driving laws and regulations vary by territory and sometimes it's difficult to find out for sure what disabled parking concessions do and don't apply within certain EU member States. This short guide should help you navigate your way to a parking space wherever you travel in Europe.

What You Need To Know

If you're visiting a country within the EU, you should be able to use your Blue Badge in the same way the locals in that country use theirs. This being said, you should always check local laws before setting off to ensure you're in the know before you go.

Local Language Print-out - Display Next to your Blue Badge

To help local authorities understand your parking requirements and give you added confidence when using your Blue Badge abroad, we've created a simple print-out for you to display next to your disabled parking card.

The print-out simply explains that you're a disabled visitor to the country and that your Parking Card should allow you the same parking concessions as a disabled citizen of that country.

These have been translated and plotted on the map below to allow you to easily select and print the one(s) appropriate for the country you're visiting.

PLEASE NOTE - In no way do these print-outs replace the need to display a Blue Badge, nor do they act as a guarantee that the Blue Badge will be acknowledged and/or accepted by local authorities.

For more information on foreign travel for disabled people please visit: