• What's covered

    • Excess Protection up to £6,000 Sum Insured
      Up to £100,000 Collision/Loss Damage Waiver cover for damage and theft to your rental vehicle
      Road Rage, Restitution and Drop off charges offered as standard.
      Protection against Fire, Theft and Vandalism included
      Covers Bodywork, Tyres, Roof, Windscreen and Undercarriage
      Covers Towing*, Breakdown and Missfuelling excess costs.
      Available in DAILY single trip and ANNUAL multi trip formats
      Up to 65 days continuous cover on any one rental agreement
      Book DAILY single trip and ANNUAL policies up to 180 days in advance
      9 additional drivers covered as standard when named on rental agreement.

      *Towing and breakdown costs not covered if the vehicle breaks down due to a mechanical fault as these remain the rental company's responsibility.

  • What's not covered

    • Mechanical breakdown due to wear and tear or malfunction/span>
      Accidental damage to the vehicle’s interior
      Vehicles with more than 9 seats
      Charges relating to fines and driving infractions
      Rentals that commence before a policy has incepted
      Competitive, performance and offroad driving
      Local 'in country' cover to residents of Non EEA territories.

USA & Canada FAQs

  • removeWhy would I need the USA & Canada policy?
    • Our USA and Canada policy is ideal if you are renting a car in the USA or Canada and you want to save money on the car hire insurance offered by car rental companies.

      Rental companies in the USA and Canada will usually require you to have Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) insurance in order to be able to take the car. These policies are usually between £15 and £25 per day from the rental company. Our USA and Canada policy offers full CDW/LDW insurance from just £7.99 a day, or £99.99 for an annual policy which covers you for multiple trips in the year.

      Depending on the country and the state in which you are travelling you may also be offered a Supplemental Liability Insurance Product by the rental company. This insurance tops up the level of 3rd party insurance that you have already have as a mandatory requirement in most states. The level of 3rd party insurance that rental companies have to provide by law varies from state to state and can sometimes be quite low, so the rental companies offer additional insurance to top these levels up. Our USA and Canada Policy does not offer 3rd party protection and if you think that this may be required you should check the local arrangements with your rental company.

      CDW/LDW is usually sold separately at the rental desk from SLI, so you can still benefit from great savings with iCarhireinsurance on the CDW/LDW insurance and buy additional liability protection if required from the rental company on collection

  • removeWhat happens if I do not purchase the Collission Damage Waiver (CDW)?
    • If you decide not to purchase CDW Insurance from the car rental company or a super-duper, money-saving, car hire insurance specialist like us, and your rental car is stolen, or damaged by accident, vandalism, weather, etc., you must pay to the rental company the full cost of repair, loss of use, plus administrative charges. So, don't let something like this ruin your trip and get insured with us at iCarhireinsurance.com

      If you decide to buy the CDW from the Car rental company, it normally covers accidental damage as long as the you (the main driver) complies with the rental contract (such as authorized drivers, locations, no racing). The damage waiver may also cover theft, vandalism, and loss of use.  You sometimes have a choice between waiving all or part of the damage, for different fees of course. Anyhow, if you find yourself at the car rental desk without insurance, don't get taken for a ride with sky-high prices.  Plan ahead and insure yourself with us.

  • removeWhat cover does iCarhireinsurance provide for the USA & Canada?
  • removeHow does the USA and Canada policy work?
    • When you are in a country that requires CDW cover you must show the Policy to the car rental company when you rent a car. If you have a claim, it is unlikely that your credit card will be charged, unless the amount is small. It is more likely that the car rental company will deal direct with our Insurer's claims department.

      When you are in a country where excess payments are required, it is not necessary to show the Policy to the car rental company. Decline the car rental company’s Excess at the car rental counter. Charges for any damage to the vehicle will be charged to your credit card by the car rental company and you claim for reimbursement once you have all your documentation ready, including the credit card statement showing the excess amount debited by the car rental company.

  • removeExplain the requirements for car rental insurance in the USA and Canada?
    • When you hire a vehicle in the USA and Canada, you have the option of taking a rental that is either inclusive, or exclusive of insurance. The insurance required is Collision Damage Waiver/Loss Damage Waiver (covering damage, theft and loss of use of the rental vehicle). This is offered at the car rental desk, and is expensive, generally costing between £10 - £20 a day. iCarhireinsurance offers you a much more cost effective policy from just £7.99 a day and only £99.99 a year.

      If you book your US rental in the UK, or on a UK website, the car rental agreement will generally include cover for Third Party, Collision Damage Waiver and Theft.

      Excess (Deductible) is starting to be applied in the US, particularly for cars booked from the UK where CDW/LDW is sometimes provided as part of the rental agreement. If this is the case, our USA and Canada policy will protect you against these excess insurance charges/ What's more, it will also reimburse you for damage to the vulnerable parts of the rental vehicle which are usually excluded from the rental companies' own insurance, including tyres, windscreen, roof and undercarriage. Car rental agreements do differ, so always check the details so that you are clear about what exactly is being offered

  • removeIf I purchase the USA and Canada policy will I be fully covered in those countries?
    • With our USA and Canada policy you will be fully covered for the collision Damage Waiver and Loss Damage waivers which are required in the USA and Canada. You should also automatically have the statutory minimum level of 3rd party liability insurance provided by the rental company as part of  your rental agreement.

      In many states of the USA and in some Canadian Territories the level of 3rd party liability insurance can be quite low so you are also likely to be offered SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) at the rental desk which tops up the level of 3rd party cover (i.e. protection for other peoples vehicles and also injury to other people for accidents that are deemed to be your fault). Our USA and Canada policy does not offer any 3rd party protection, so its worth checking what the local requirements are with your rental company prior to travelling. Try to establish the level of liability protection that is already provided with your rental vehicle in order to assess whether you have sufficient cover or need to purchase the additional policy you will be offered at the rental desk

      CDW/LDW are offered under separate policies to SLI by the rental companies, so you can still buy our USA and Canada policy to get great savings from iCarhireinsurance and buy any additional 3rd party liability insurance you feel you need from the rental company.

  • removeCan't I get USA and Canada cover from my car rental agency?
    • Your car rental company will usually give you the option to buy CDW/LDW and SLI cover for the USA and Canada, as well as excess insurance cover when you collect your hire car. But since these are 'last minute' purchases you will end up paying more than you need to for insurance cover - and the roof, windows, undercarriage and tyres may still not be included in the price. iCarhireinsurance's USA and Canada Policy costs just from £7.99 a day, or £99.99 for an annual policy, and can be great value even if you only hire a car once in the entire year. It replaces the CDW/LDW and Super CDW policies that you will be offered by your rental company, but does not replace the separate Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) that you will also be offered at the collection point. If you feel that you need additional 3rd party liability protection you should check the local arrangements with your rental company before you travel

  • removeAm I covered for local (In-Country) rentals in my resident country?
    • No. Our USA and Canada policy does not cover your local rentals in your country of residence like our other policies (Excess Europe, Excess Worldwide, and Worldwide Plus) do.

      It is also important to note that both the USA and Canada and Worldwide Plus policy does not apply to residents of USA or Canada while using the rental vehicle in their country of residence.

      If you would like a quick look at how our products compare to each other, go to our Car Hire Insurance Products page.

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