For a small additional premium, you can continue to increase your overall savings against last minute expensive options offered to you at the car rental desk.

Please note these upgrade options are only available when purchasing one of our four core products: Excess Europe, Excess Worldwide, USA and Canada, and Worldwide Plus.*

* Please note that Campervan and Motorhome upgrade is only available with Annual Excess Europe and Annual Excess Worldwide products

Great Value Upgrades

We've got a great range of upgrades that you can choose to add to your main car hire policy. If you want to take one of these upgrades, please choose your car hire policy first and when you buy that policy we'll offer you the chance to add an upgrade. For more information on each upgrade available please view the sections below.

Upgrade Campervan and Motorhomes Insurance

Remove your Campervan and Motorhomes rental excess and get fully protected for less! Upgrade your car hire excess insurance to include Campervan and Motorhomes excess cover for just £29.99 and be protected again.

Please note: Campervan & Motorhome cover is only available as an annual car hire insurance policy upgrade and additional premium will be charged. Campervan & Motorhome cover isn't available on single trip policies.

Upgrade Car Club Excess Protection

Calling all UK Car Club Members!

Reduce your excess to nil and enjoy the benefits from our comprehensive car hire insurance policy for a low annual price of £49.99. Drive the Car Club vehicle as many times as you want, you will always have nil excess against damage to the vehicle and theft as well as protection on damage against tyres, windscreen, roof and undercarriage.

We know the reasons why you use these pay-as-you-go car clubs. They potentially save you up to £3,000 a year compared with owning a car by saving you from increased motoring costs: insurance, maintenance, depreciation, cleaning, tax, parking permits, and petrol (you get free petrol miles with some of the bigger clubs).

But what about the EXCESS and other gaps in your car club agreement? Do you know how large your Car Club excess is? It is worth noting that the majority of Car Clubs in the UK charge you an Excess Damage Waiver Product as high as £9.95 per day to reduce your exposure to nil!

If you are a frequent user of a particular Car Club, all we ask is that you do the math! You will save a lot of money with us.


Upgrade Vehicle Key Replacement

Today's car keys are expensive to replace!

Our key protection product covers you up to £1,000 per incident for replacing a lost or stolen rental car vehicle key. You never know, but it can happen to you.

Tip: Be alert on what type of fees and exclusions exist if you do not return your car keys to the car rental company. If you travel abroad, make sure you ask for your contract in your native language.

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